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Wordlist Wpa2 Backtrack 5 R3 __LINK__ Download For Windows

Common.txt is the wordlist that comes with the Fern program, but any wordlist you download or have created on your own can be used by hitting the Browse button and pointing Fern to the alternative wordlist file.

Wordlist Wpa2 Backtrack 5 R3 Download For Windows

The default storage for a WPA handshake is under /root and will be there under what ever name you called it. The dictionary that we will use is built into backtrack under the /pentest/passwords/wordlists and is called darkc0de.lst.(Be sure to use the number 0 in darkc0de.lst)

I am trying to use the downloaded wordlist in Kali, but the files won't run. I unzipped them using winrar. Do the files not need to be text files? or am i missing something? do i need to do anything else? 350c69d7ab


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