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How to create a 0 delay grf for Ragnarok Online

How to create a 0 delay grf for Ragnarok Online

Ragnarok Online is a popular MMORPG that features various classes, skills and items. However, some skills have a delay after casting them, which can affect the gameplay and performance of some players. In this article, we will show you how to create a 0 delay grf file that can remove the skill delay and let you spam your skills faster.

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Download Zip:

A grf file is a compressed archive that contains the data and resources of Ragnarok Online, such as sprites, sounds and maps. By editing the grf file, you can modify the appearance and behavior of the game. One of the common modifications is to remove the skill animation frames from the sprites, so that the skills can be casted without any delay.

To create a 0 delay grf file, you will need the following programs:

  • Gryff - a grf editor that can open and edit grf files

  • actOR - a sprite editor that can create and modify .act files

You can download these programs from the links below:

Before you start editing your grf file, make sure to make a backup of it in case something goes wrong. The grf file is usually located in your Ragnarok Online folder and named data.grf.

Here are the steps to create a 0 delay grf file:

  • Open your data.grf file with Gryff. Go to File -> Open -> select your data.grf file.

  • Extract the sprite models and the .act files from the grf file. They are located at data/sprite/ìêì/ëªíµ. You can extract them one by one or over the treeview. The .act files contain the animation data of the sprites, while the .spr files contain the image data of the sprites.

  • Rename the extracted files to avoid problems with Korean characters. For example, you can rename ëëëìí_ë.act and ëëëìí_ë.spr to LordKnight_Male.act and LordKnight_Male.spr. Don't forget to save the original names somewhere, like in a text file.

  • Open the renamed .spr file with actOR. Go to File -> Open -> sprite -> select your .spr file.

  • Remove the frames that are used for the skill animation, leaving only the first frame. You can do this by selecting the action that is used for skills (for example, act12 for High Priest) and then going to Edit Frame -> select Delete Frames -> delete all frames except the first one. You have to do this for all eight directions of the sprite.

  • Save your modified sprite and act files. You can save the sprite over the menu bar, but you may encounter errors when saving the act file over the menu bar. To avoid this, just close actOR and it will ask you if you want to save the .act file.

  • Rename your modified files back to their original names. For example, rename LordKnight_Male.act and LordKnight_Male.spr back to ëëëìí_ë.act and ëëëìí_ë.spr.

Add your modified files back to your data.grf file with Gryff. Go to data/sprite/ìêì/ëªíµ and delete the original files of the sprite you modified (for example, ëëëìí_ë.act and ëëëìí_ë.spr). Then right-click on the file list e0e6b7cb5c


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