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Skillshare €? Create An Abstract Colorful Artwork Using Photoshop And Cinema4D

On this class you will learn some simple techniques to create a colorful abstract poster using Photoshop and Cinema4D.You will create an abstract shape on cinema4D and then upload it on photoshop to make color fixing, adding other elements and finally creating a modern luminous artwork.During the following of the class you can experiment with different options or levels as the process is more experimental and it gives you the freedom to explore and get different results.So I would really love to see what you create after you learn these techniques. I will review every project and upload them on my instagram page.Table of Contents1. Intro 0:522. Explaining the process 1:383. Creating abstract shapes 5:014. Adding colorful material 6:225. Create Artwork on Photoshop 16:53

Skillshare – Create an Abstract Colorful Artwork Using Photoshop and Cinema4D

On this class you will learn to Design 3 Freestyle Abstract Posters using Photoshop and Cinema4D.We will start by creating a simple gradient on Photoshop and then move to Cinema4D.On cinema4D we will create geometric 3D objects ( black&white and colorful ones )Then we will come back on photoshop and create our first poster.After that we will start doing a similar process, by going on cinema4d to create abstract geometric 3D shapes and come back on photoshop to do the composition and color adjusements.This way we will create 3 experimental posters.Watch online or Download for Free01. intro02. Overview03. 3D Objects Gradient and Rende04. Poster one Composition05. Color Adjusements06. Finalize Poster One07. 3D Objects Second Poster08. Finalize Second Poster09. 3D Objects Final Poster10. Finalizing

Working with abstract content can seem complicated, but with digital tools, anything is possible. Visual artist Klarens Malluta uses them to make colorful, and unusual works of art. He aims to bring something new to the table every time he creates and has collaborated with clients including Adobe, Ultra Music, and DJ Snake.

In this course, he teaches you how to transform regular portraits into unique artwork using Photoshop and After Effects. Explore the possibilities of abstract portraits by experimenting with digital tools and capture the essence of your subject without the need for words. 350c69d7ab


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