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How To Use In5 To Export Interactive HTML5 From InDesign CC 15

How to use in5 to export interactive HTML5 from InDesign CC 15

If you are a designer who uses InDesign CC 15 to create stunning layouts, you might be wondering how to export your projects to the web or mobile devices without coding. The answer is in5, a powerful plugin that lets you export your InDesign documents to interactive HTML5 with just a few clicks.

How to use in5 to export interactive HTML5 from InDesign CC 15

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In this article, we will show you how to install in5, how to use its features, and how to publish your HTML5 output to the web or as an app. We will also share some tips and tricks to optimize your HTML5 output for SEO and performance.

What is in5?

In5 is a plugin for InDesign that allows you to export your documents to interactive HTML5. It supports all the native interactive features of InDesign, such as animations, buttons, hyperlinks, video, audio, slideshows, forms, and more. It also lets you add custom interactivity using JavaScript or CSS.

In5 is compatible with any version of Adobe InDesign CC, including CC 15. It works on both Mac and Windows systems. You can download a free trial of in5 from .

How to install in5?

To install in5, you need to download the zip file from the website and unzip it on your system. Then, you need to choose the right installer for your system and follow the onscreen instructions. For any version of Adobe InDesign CC, choose one of these installers:

  • in5 - Mac

  • in5 - Win Installer.exe

If you run into any issues, you can check the readme.txt file for additional instructions and alternative install options .

How to use in5?

To use in5, you need to open your InDesign document and go to File > Export HTML5 with in5 This will open the Easy Export Wizard, where you can choose the type of output you want to create. You can choose from:

  • Flipbook - A digital magazine with page flipping animation.

  • Web Overlay - A single-page website with parallax scrolling.

  • Presentation - A slideshow with transitions and navigation.

  • Banner Ad - A responsive banner ad with animation.

  • Custom - A custom output with advanced settings.

After choosing the output type, you can customize the settings for your output, such as size, quality, interactivity, fonts, metadata, and more. You can also preview your output before exporting it.

How to publish your HTML5 output?

After exporting your HTML5 output with in5, you will get a folder with all the files you need to publish your project. You can upload this folder to your web server or host it on a cloud service like Dropbox or Google Drive. You can also use in5 to create content for mobile apps using frameworks like Baker or PhoneGap .

How to optimize your HTML5 output for SEO and performance?

To optimize your HTML5 output for SEO and performance, you can use some of the features of in5 that are designed for this purpose. For example:

  • You can add metadata to your output, such as title, description, keywords, author, etc. This will help search engines index your content and display it properly .

  • You can use the SEO-friendly URLs option to generate clean and descriptive URLs for each page of your output. This will make it easier for users and search engines to navigate your content .

  • You can use the Lazy Load Images option to load images only when they are visible on the screen. This will reduce the loading time and bandwidth usage of your output .

You can use the Minify option to compress the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files of your output. This will reduce the file size and improve the performance of your output c481cea774


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