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Download Warcraft 3 1.24e Full Link Mf

cant download it, rapidshare isn't a good download site at all.,i think their having problem on their bandwitdh.. _pls anyone who can send me the 1.24b version? i already have the switcher... huhuhsend it via mail, here's my e-addkryzamyka@yahoo.comor give me another link for it.. ^_^ thanks

download warcraft 3 1.24e full link mf

pls check if you fully download the file... it will not switch if its corrupt... on the other post.... there are errors on your switcher because you didn't pass the read only files... they are found in the wvs folder

thanks... Btw ... Tips 4 every one...1)Backup your original version patch... It's Useful..2) 6.61 AI can now be downloaded and it needs 1.24. so for Garena. Use version switcher to switch between 1.20-1.23 to 1.24 bcoz some rooms supports 1.24 but not the others. and vice versa.3) You can Right click the all the link one by one then choose open in new tab ( on Firefox ) then Click free user on all tabs One-by-one then download one... and the other.. and the other... One-by-One :D4) Fack the USB coz ur happy

hi my name is patrick and i have a prolem in my just Curious about 1.24b so i just download the warcraft version switcher and i switch to 1.24b after that i switch i cant create a 6.60 map and below and my friends tell me that you wont able to create a map that is lower that 6.60 if you switch into 1.24b ver. and so i use my switcher to switch again in 1.20 so i create a TFT version 1.20zip after that i switch to it and a lunch my warcraft III and see that im not switch in 1.20 and i try it again and again and agian but still ive not switch so i delete my switcher and dowload again but after my downloading my switcher cant find my warcraft III and i wonder why please help me give me some feedback this is my email: thank you very much.................

for those having problem in downloading from rapidshare u can use this link just copy the url of the download file there then click download then wait for a few seconds then click begin download and there you have it :D


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