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Tesla Is Going Back To The Markets To Raise More Than $2 Billion Through Stock Offering

Big-box retailer Target (TGT (opens in new tab), $173.26) is thriving thanks to finely straddling the line between offering lower-priced options for cost-conscious consumers, while also providing enough quality that it doesn't appear cheap or low quality. This has resulted in strong sales of Target-owned internal brands, including an 18% growth rate for this line in 2021 to more than $30 billion of the roughly $106 billion in total sales on the year.

Tesla is going back to the markets to raise more than $2 billion through stock offering

The German automaker may cut costs and boost cash flow before resorting to offering parts of the company to outside investors. According to the report, VW may find some willing investors to help bail the company out of its dire straights thanks to its healthy balance sheet and assets. However, if no one is willing to take the bait, the company may resort to more extreme cash-raising strategies that include selling ordinary stock, or even perhaps selling off some of its brands.

The race between Branson, Bezos, and Elon Musk to develop private space flight and space tourism illustrates the unique role of wealthy angels in supporting risky innovations. Branson put hundreds of millions of dollars into Virgin Galactic before the company went public in 2019.147 The company also attracted a $100 million angel investment from former Facebook executive Chamath Palihapitiya. Bezos pumps a $1 billion a year of his wealth into his space company Blue Origin.148 Musk launched SpaceX in 2002 and, in the first few years, pumped in about $100 million of his own money.149 The company has gone on to raise more than $6 billion in private capital.150 350c69d7ab


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