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The Secret Life Of Pets (English) 2 Hd Movie Download !!EXCLUSIVE!!

Parents need to know that The Secret Life of Pets 2 is the sequel to the 2016 animated comedy about what pets do when their humans aren't home. It continues the story of Max (now voiced by Patton Oswalt) as his owner gets married and has a baby. A subplot has Snowball (Kevin Hart) and new dog Daisy (Tiffany Haddish) working together to rescue an abused tiger from a Russian circus that has menacing wolves and a cartoonishly villainous lion tamer. The dark humor and peril are toned down from the original, with more of a shift to slapstick violence that's meant to be funny. Animals punch and throw knives at one another, and a bad guy is hit by a car, but no one is ever really injured. Language includes "pissed," put-downs ("jerk," "idiot," "stupid," etc.), and potty humor ("turd"). And there's a scene in which a cat is high on catnip. Messages for parents revolve around Max's anxiety about keeping his owner's toddler safe; his helicopter ways are questioned by a dog named Rooster (Harrison Ford), who's more of a let-them-get-hurt-and-learn kind of canine. For kids, though, the main moral of the story is to face and embrace the changes life inevitably brings.

The Secret Life of Pets (English) 2 hd movie download

With an ensemble cast of fearless house pets, The Secret Life of Pets 2 returns with more zany misadventures and a surprisingly fun continuation balancing hairier aspects with lots of laughs. The CG-animated follow-up hides its secrets on 4K Ultra HD with a reference-quality Dolby Vision HDR presentation, a satisfying Dolby Atmos soundtrack and a healthy collection of supplements. The overall UHD package is Highly Recommended for the whole family.

Picking up a few years after the events of the first movie, The Secret Life of Pets 2 carefully toes the line between adult humor and innocent, child-like zaniness. It's clear the filmmakers are quite cautious of where the jokes and visuals could potentially stumble into more mature territory, be it for laughs or mild scares. When secretly tough Gidget (Jenny Slate) seeks Chloe's (Lake Bell) help in feline mannerisms, the obese tabby cat is caught in a catnip delirium while wearing a lampshade and grooving to Jefferson Airplane's "White Rabbit." For kids, the otherwise indifferent and apathetic furball acting the intoxicated fool is sure to leave them in stitches. For parents, however, the gag hopefully flies over their heads but remains a silly innuendo for older viewers without overstaying its welcome. This careful balancing act of acceptability is ultimately what makes this sequel a surprisingly good follow-up from a talented crew who successfully entertains children as much as adults.

The pets set out on a brave rescue mission equipped with a fantastically fun and highly satisfying Dolby Atmos soundtrack, filling the room with the hustle and bustle of the city while the scenes set on the family farm are often layered with the subtle noise of the local wildlife.


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