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Flight Ticket Reservation In PHP With Source Code ((HOT))

This is an Airline Ticket Reservation System Project that was developed using PHP/MySQLi. This ticket reservation system of an airline company serves as the online platform for the Passengers/Customers for booking or reserve their tickets. With the help of this system, the passengers can reserve their flights easily and faster wherever they are. This will help also the Airlines Company to ease the manual system flow and makes their work/process more effective and efficient. The system has 2 types of users which are the Admin and the Customer. The Admin user is in charge of managing the data of the system such as the list of jets, prices, and flight schedules. For the customer, they can simply register to create an account to the system and search if there's an available/scheduled flight for their desired destination and date. After they select their desired flight the system will provide a form to register the details of the passengers and proceeds to payment afterward. The customer can also print/re-print their tickets in the system.

Flight Ticket Reservation in PHP with source code

This project was developed using PHP/MySQLi, MySQL Database, HTML, CSS, and Javascript. The system source code is free to download. This is only built for educational for purposes and not for commercial use.

The ticketing system structure will consist of a browse tickets page, create ticket page, and view ticket page. All tickets will be stored in a MySQL database, which we can then retrieve and populate on our webpage with HTML and PHP.

The home page will consist of the populated list of tickets with links that will redirect the user to the ticket page. The "create ticket button" will also be included on this page. All the tickets are retrieved from the MySQL database.

With the above code, we execute the template header and footer functions, and between those 2 functions we iterate the tickets using a foreach loop and populate them accordingly using the HTML hyperlink tag.

Upon form submission, the data is transferred to our server using the POST request method. As you can see in the code above, we use the $_POST array to retrieve the data. If the POST variables exist and are not empty, insert the data into the MySQL tickets table.

On the view ticket page, the user will be able to view all the details associated with their ticket along with comments and the buttons to change the status of the ticket (open, closed, resolved, etc).

To view this page, the ticket ID param needs to be included in the URL as we're using a GET request to determine the ticket ID, and subsequently we can retrieve the ID with PHP using the $_GET['id'] variable.

The code above will update the status of the ticket, but only if the GET param exists and the value is either: open, closed, or resolved. The code will only execute when the user clicks the Close or Resolve button.

The above code will handle the comments on the ticket page. Users can use the comment section to respond to tickets. All comments are retrieved using the ticket ID and are stored in the tickets_comments table.

Congratulations! You have successfully created a ticketing system with PHP and MySQL. Looking for a more advanced ticketing system? Consider purchasing the advanced package, which will help support future developments and tutorials.

In this PHP Mini and Major project mainly we are going to concentrate on ticket booking function, this function will take the user inputs like their requirements (flight name, flight source & destination, Number of seats, Seat numbers), after entering all of his/her requirements in this application, it can check at backend & provide us the total information about flights. When we open the first page of this project we can find the basic information (basic fair & discounts) about today flight timings.

The purpose of the present Airline Reservation system is to allow customer to interact that gives some basic information such as all flights information, availability of accommodation in flights, ticket booking, class type like luxury/ super luxury/ special/ AC/ non AC.

In the existing system if any person wants to travel somewhere by flight he should take some basic steps to get ticket like he should go to airport to book the flight ticket, he should speak with Airline help center regarding the availability of flights. It is time consuming process.

Airline Ticket Reservation is Web based Application in PHP With Complete Source code and database Download for Free. Airline Ticket Reservation management software use to manage the ticket record online.Airline Ticket Reservation system is an automated system that is specially made of PHP and MySQL database. . You can download it. Its Totally free of cost This desktop application in 100% working . It is developed using php and Database text files. This source code helpful in for final year students. We have a great collection of php Free Source Code Projects

This is a web-based application that was developed to enable passengers to easily and conveniently book their flight by making reservations. Using the application, passengers can view flight schedules, book and confirm flight tickets.

Some SnapshotsHow to get the software (source codes, flowchart e.t.c)Call or send us a message via contact us Get the documentation/project materialInstallation Instructions1. Download and install Wamp server 2. Open the package folder3. Copy the first folder to C:\wamp\www4. Create a new database in localhost/PHPMyAdmin and import the SQL file in the folder

The idea with this list is that you can just install one of these and configure it to your needs for managing any not-too-specialized case of resource scheduling or booking, including event and room booking. No need to change the code, just configure it.

Reservations. An open source, Ruby on Rails based application for equipment booking and lending. Developed by the Student Developer and Mentorship Program at Yale University, which provides students with practical software development experience, with useful outsomes.

ERPNext based booking software. This is another ERP system written in Python, and like Odoo it can be extended with modules. Nothing really mature seems to exist for reservations and booking, but there are some solutions around: hospitality module, franknyarkoh/bookings, jigartarpara/bookingapp and possibly more.

EDD Bookings. A WordPress plugin for booking appointments. Similar to Easy!Appointments, but with payment integration. Still in active development. Though the software is sold on the website, it is licenced GPL3 and the code is available publicly: backend, JavaScript frontend, other stuff.

crypto-booking. JavaScript based application to book accommodation on the WindingTree blockchain DAPP, paying with Ethereum and the like. It seems well-developed (and a well-resourced project), so perhaps the JavaScript frontend can be reused.

FabManager. A software to manage all aspects of a Fablab / makerspace / hackerspace or other type of digital fabrication workshop. Includes room booking, tool booking, event booking, payment integration, tool documentation, and project publishing in a repository that is federated between all FabManager installations. See the source code and an online demo. Written in Ruby, and using FullCalendar for its calendar widget (which is the best choice).

Easy!Appointments. Free and open source software, written in PHP, and coming with a WordPress plugin. Bit limited, geared towards booking appointments at a doctor etc. and not for multi-day reservations of accommodation. Nice simple step-by-step reservation process. Source code here, which is well-developed (>1200 commits) and still maintained.

dhtmlxScheduler. A JavaScript widget that displays an interactive calendar. Adding a multi-day event is nicely possible with click&hold (example). This refers to their GPL licenced version (source code here); sadly, the per-resource timeline view that would be most useful for a scheduler application is not part of the open source version.

booking-js. An open source JavaScript component that serves as the frontend for creating bookings for the commercial API platform. However, it is of course technically possible to create an open source backend for this widget. Developer documentation is here. There is also a community-provided integration with Stripe payments.

react-booking-calendar. A JavaScript component to show an interactive calendar for booking resources, but a lot simpler than FullCalendar and dhtmlxScheduler above. Seems to also come with a backend for demo purposes.

So it could be a good way to build a Plone-independent reservation software in Python, although it seems to supply only the minimal backend classes so far. There is however an example of using libres with Flask, the well-known Python micro-framework.

A software to manage a commune / co-living house should be extensible with other components later. For example, a Django based app seems to provide good scaffolding and a rich selection of open source modules. Rails engines can provide a similar thing.

First and foremost, whatever type of business you run, you need to rock the world wide web with a banging website. Secondly, if you offer bookings and reservations, a form on your page should cover that part of the business.

For members of the Texas Legislature, any form of payment may be used based on compatibility with ticketing and distribution channels. When applicable, for these individuals, a Texas Department of Public Safety official legislative identification card is all that is required to use the state of Texas airline fares.


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