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Where To Buy Dark Vanilla Perfume By Coty

Fortunately, Vanilla Fields, while not breaking any records for perfume innovation, still smells better than canned room spray. Coty launched Vanilla Fields in 1993, and the next year it won a Fifi award for Women's fragrance of the Year, in the Mass Appeal category (an award no longer offered). The Vanilla Fields website describes the fragrance as a blend of mimosa, jasmine, and vanilla, and it is clearly marketed toward the earth-tone wearing suburban mom who values "fresh and pretty" over "seductive and imaginative".

where to buy dark vanilla perfume by coty

L'Aimant, created by Vincent Roubert in collaboration with Francois Coty, is said to have the following notes: Aldehydes, bergamot, neroli, peach, jasmine, rose and vanilla. Jacques Guerlain's wife loved this perfume so much, she said she even preferred it to her husband's perfumes. As one blogger describes it, after the harsh aldehydes hit you, "the scent becomes very, very creamy and buttery soft. Plummy, apricotfruitiness sparkles ever so gently and delightfully on the skin over abed of tame florals. As time goes by, the scent becomes ever morepowdery and floral: A powdery infusion of strong violets with nectarousyet soft, shy accents of tantalizing jasmine. The drydown is soft andsexy, a skin scent of sandalwood and gentle vanilla."

The powderiness in L'Aimant is saved from being grandmotherly by the round, buttery and sensual note that plum or amber or dark vanilla that underlies it, like bright oil colors on a dark velvet canvas.

If the leather in Cabochard and Bandit make them masculines, the plum/amber/vanilla notes break the leather in until it's supple, yielding, receptive. L'Aimant is the fruitier, boozier, more feminine version of Femme. I'm not sure if anyone else would like this "nectarous" perfume, but I love it. 041b061a72


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