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SPYRAL - Don't Leave (Wave)

To return to the Wirepass parking lot head north passing back through The Wave. There should be many good photo-ops along the hike back so don't put your camera / tripod away too soon. After leaving The Wave head down the sand dune, cross the wash, and head north to retrace your steps back to your car. "The Dive" and the North and South "Teepees" will be in good light on the way back. You will need a long lens to shoot them. If you hurry you should be able to get back to your car 30-45 minutes after sunset. Warning - if you do not have good navigation skills or have a GPS and know how to use it, you should leave The Second Wave well before sunset.

SPYRAL - Don't Leave (Wave)

The iron guards stare at me through their crystal eyes.They fence my limbs to save me from painand are amazed by the perfect rhythmthat my chest is set to follow. Oxygen is my escape, and therefore I throw a rope for it to tie myself around him. The room begins to turn and tosses with me,following a childhood chant that tells us stories about witches and midnight wonderers.I breathe heavily, and it is my breath what keeps us spinning; me, my room and oxygen.I can't tell if we are leaving the atmosphere or not.The universe remained silent as we passed by and we didn't mind asking.The knot is starting to tremble and, as I feel the laces leaving my waist,I stretch desperately to hold them. Both ends elude me. I have seen the sun during our encounter and I don't want to leave; I'm cold. My head bounced against the mattress.The speed of sound caught me as I fell, but I was too infinite for it to embrace me.The guards retreat once again to admire my poise in all its glory. Am I still here? 041b061a72


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