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What causes us to be attracted to one person more than another? What attracts a man to a woman sexually? And vice versa with a woman to a man? Romantic attraction certainly isn't an exact science, but experts do have some ideas about what qualities attract more than others. Here are a few things you need to know about attraction.


According to Dr. Margaret Paul, a relationship expert who's appeared on Oprah and has her Ph.D. in psychology, initial physical attraction is a very poor indicator on how well a relationship will work out, which can lead to the feeling of abandonment. According to Dr. Paul, the alpha males to whom many women tend to be more attracted also tend to be more sexually promiscuous.

Having a similar family background may be helpful too. Aaron Ben-Ze'ev, a professor of philosophy and author of The Subtlety of Emotion, suggests that physical proximity, living close to your love interest, can be beneficial to the relationship. Believe it or not, just living in the same city or same neighborhood tends to make people feel more platonic attraction to one another.

Additionally AttSS has expertise in attraction development. As a property owner and management company, we have years of experience in building attractions from the ground-up. We can manage your project no matter which stage it is in.

There are typically longer wait times for the attractions on weekends-- and especially holiday weekends--so plan your visit accordingly. During the summer, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are the best days to visit!

Leave the driving to us while staying at Shades of Green. We offer complimentary bus transportation to the Walt Disney World attractions. A resort ID and photo ID are required for each guest room group boarding the buses. A photo ID is required for each adult (18 years and older). Eating and drinking on the buses is prohibited. Due to the limited number of passengers allowed per bus, guests with electrical conveyance or wheelchairs are required to wait in line with their party. The drivers will load the bus accordingly.

SkyLand Ranch combines all your favorite things about the Smoky Mountains into one exciting Sevierville attraction. Gorgeous views, exciting rides, shops and eateries, live entertainment, miniature animals, and more are waiting for you at SkyLand Ranch.

Shake off your preconceptions and expectations and get in tune with the nation's first truly upscale indoor/outdoor resort water attraction. SoundWaves at Gaylord Opryland Resort in Nashville is a unique indoor waterpark for hotel guests that unites extraordinary environments, exclusive amenities and relaxing water features. Discover energetic rides, winding wave pools, immersive music and an extraordinary oasis for visitors of all ages to enjoy.

The adventure continues at SoundWaves with seasonal outdoor features. Recreation zones for adults, young children and families include looping drop and body slides, 4-lane mat racer, a multi-level kids play structure, wave pool and more. Seasonal outdoor attractions will be open in 2023 on May 20 & 21; daily May 26 thru Aug. 13; then weekends only thru Sept. 24. View calendar to plan your day. (Note: hours and attractions availability are subject to change without notice.)

For guaranteed access, reserve the SoundWaves Experience Package including room and wristbands here, or reserve a Party Room here for 8 to 30 guests (overnight stay not required). Room-only reservations do not include SoundWaves. Availability is limited and not guaranteed to add to a room-only reservation upon arrival; we recommend booking a package to enjoy the water attraction.

For eligible partners, WEDC will provide dollar-for-dollar matching funds to support talent attraction retention marketing. This can include advertising, as well as such activities as such as market research, audience targeting, and development of creative materials.

The mobile-exclusive pass is instantly delivered via text and/or email. The pass is scanned at each attraction for admission. With 1-day and 3-day pass options you can choose to experience all the fun in one day or spread out the adventure over three consecutive days. Each pass allows for one admission to each attraction.

Enjoy the freedom of endless adventure, culture, and history with ease at unique attractions for one low price with the Tampa Riverwalk Attraction Pass. Explore more about the locations below and the services they provide to create the most welcoming adventures possible.

Your next visit to Brookfield Zoo isn't complete unless you've experiences the amazing attractions on hand. You'll find the full list of year-round and seasonal attractions below. Also be sure to check out our upcoming events.Want to make the most of your zoo experience? Become a Member and you'll get exclusive discounts to most attractions, not to mention so much more!

BGSU offers the only resort and attraction management degree embedded in a theme park. BGSU is partnering with Cedar Fair to offer a Bachelor of Science in resort and attraction management (RAAM). This innovative partnership provides graduates with leadership opportunities in the resort and attraction management industry.

Coursework focuses on preparing students for management careers in the resort and attraction management industry. Whatever your interest in theme park management, you will have a chance to learn from leading industry professionals and put your learning to use at Cedar Point.

This one-of-a-kind partnership provides a leadership path in the resort and attraction management industry with skills guaranteed to be career-relevant. In this innovative public-private partnership, theory and practice are integrated into a curriculum co-designed by faculty and industry leaders to deliver a program that combines teaching, research, scholarship and industry experience.

The BGSU Cedar Fair resort and attraction management program continually seeks aspiring leaders, with transfer students being an integral part of our campus community. If you have 12 or more credit hours from a two- or four-year college or university, we encourage you to begin your application for admission to this unique amusement park-based degree program and discover what credits will transfer.

BGSU is committed to helping you every step of the way through the transfer process. We prioritize developing clear pathways that facilitate a smooth transfer to the BGSU Cedar Fair resort and attraction management.

Imagine the academic program partnership agreements as your GPS. They provide you with the fastest and best route to reach the end of your educational destination. No detours, obstacles or delays, just smooth sailing, taking only the courses that satisfy the Cedar Fair resort and attraction management degree requirements from beginning to end.

The RAAM program offers a spring study abroad opportunity for all BGSU undergraduate majors who want to analyze global, real-world business challenges and opportunities of resort and attraction venues. Students can immerse themselves in cultural experiences throughout England (Birmingham and London) and France (Paris).

This exciting experience will involve evaluating the complex interrelationships and functional areas of operating resort and attraction enterprises. Students will apply strategic thinking and problem-solving skills while developing industry expertise in the context of the global arena.

As a key part of the BGSU Cedar Fair resort and attraction management degree program, students will be required to complete two guaranteed paid co-ops at one of the Cedar Fair amusement and theme parks across the U.S. and abroad or another similar establishment.

Resort and Attraction Management Professionals The mission of RAAMP is to enrich the learning experience and lives of students through travel, professional development, networking and educational experiences for those interested in theme park, resort and attraction management.

Join a skipper for the story behind Jungle Cruise, and try to spot the backside of water! When Walt decided to create the original immersive attraction, he tasked Imagineers with building a river in the Southern California desert AND the mechanical animals to populate it. Lead designer Harper Goff and horticulturist Bill Evans scrambled to get it all built in time for Disneyland Park's grand opening in 1955. Guests have been cruising its waters ever since. Dwayne Johnson also appears in this episode where he discusses his childhood memories of the attraction and his favorite joke from the skippers.

It all began at the 1964-1965 New York World's Fair! If a chance encounter between an Academy Award-winning actress and Walt Disney hadn't taken place, this beloved attraction might never have been created. With its signature, unforgettable song, its flume boat ride design, and AudioAnimatronics figures, it was a huge success. Versions were designed and built in Disney Parks around the planet, proving that it really is a small world, after all!

From around May 1 through Labor Day Friday annually the following attraction tickets are available at discounted prices through this department. Cash or check payment options are available on these non-refundable tickets.

There is so much to see and do in San Francisco that you might not know where to start. That's okay; we're here to help you! Take control of your trip with any of the San Francisco attraction passes mentioned below. You'll be able to see all San Francisco has to offer with an easy-to-use, all-in-one digital pass. It not only saves you money, but saves you time as well!

Visit San Francisco attractions for one low price. Save up to 57% on top museums, tours, and activities, and pay nothing at the gate with an All-Inclusive Pass. Choose a 1, 2, 3, or 5-day pass. Go San Francisco has more than 25 attractions available, including The Walt Disney Family Museum, GoCar San Francisco Tour, Oracle Park Tour, the Asian Art Museum and more. Go San Francisco also offers an Explorer or Build-Your-Own Pass. 041b061a72


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